Ill Omens...

“Take care Roberts, we’re coming upon the Watcher’s Isles, few are the ships what have sailed this course, and come out the other side. Some say it’s the sandbars, and the reefs, but there are many a tale of horrid beasts which inhabit these parts.”

“The Dread Pirate does not fear them!” came the predictable response, “Why in fact this reminds me of the time I hunted a band of corsairs through a.., and with.., hahahaha…..” The sailing seemed normal for a while, but as they sailed deeper, a sense of forboding fell upon the ship. And a dense fog engulfed them, making it impossible to see anything more than a few yards away, Roberts was no fool, and he slowed the ship to a crawl.

“Fan out, ready your crossbows,” Roberts whispered, meanwhile loading his own. The tense silence continued for some time, when out of no where a shadow swept across the deck, one of the crewmembers let out a scream, but then he was gone. Shortly thereafter, another shadow, another scream, and another man gone.

“Everyone, tighten up, gather together!” Roberts surveyed the deck as the crew drew closer together. A shadow swept past him, then another and another, Roberts twirling about trying to keep track of them, but they were simply too fast. And then, from the fog all around came a blood curdling shriek. And the monsters were aboard! One of them lunged at Roberts from behind, its sharp beak striking at his back, but his armor held fast, and Roberts turned about. He loosed his bolt without a second thought, but the beast was no longer there. On the main deck, a large, toad-looking humanoid sent a spear through a crewman’s chest. Another of the men was snatched and dragged overboard. Most of their bolts went awry, though one of the men did meet his mark, giving the beast pause, for it was not often that the swift creature felt the sting of a blow. And it was not for long, before the beast could move, it fell to Cailen’s hammer, fog engulfed the body, and it disappeared. Hearing the commotion above decks, Oris leapt up, brandishing Pelor’s Light. He thrust his weapon into the air, shouting some incantation, and a blinding light split the sky. The fog was driven back and the monsters disappeared. As they sailed on the fog retreated even farther, and the sun began to shine once again. Even still, they could not shake the persistent feeling that clung all about them, it was a strange feeling, one of ill omens…



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