Chapter 9

Disheartened the adventurers returned to Fallcrest, there they met with Nykyr, who told them of a way to enter the Abyss. He took them to Winterhaven, where an old sorceress used a ritual to temporarily bind their unconscious state with the Abyss. Essentially, the next time they fell unconscious they would be sent to the Abyss, and the time after that they would be sent home. Oris, being a Deva, had to be given a sleeping draught to be able to reach such a state comfortably. The heroes arranged to reawaken in Fallcrest, and went to sleep in the soothsayer’s home. They awoke in the middle of the Salt Flats of Yeenoghu’s realm. After debating where to find his fortress, they set out in the direction of the Sulfur Sea. They encountered his castle on the way there. After Excelsior mounted an initial recon, they stormed the place, freeing Kat and Gelena, they also found Captain Jim, whom they had assumed had been eaten by mindflayers. Jim told them that the mindflayers had sold him to a band of gnollic raiders. He told of how Zaiden had regrouped her forces and mounted an attack on Venetia, he told how he had seen Armweta fall. And that he had made his way back to Lord Kelmin. In the final battle for Belast, Lord Kelmin sacrificed himself in single combat so that his men would not be slaughtered. The gnolls feasted upon his body and his men were sent to the abyss to become Yeenoghu’s slaves, which is how Jim came to be in Yeenoghu’s realm, he was the last of the survivors. The party was pursued by Nezrebe, Yeenoghu’s right hand. They were attacked in the Salt Flats. During the battle Kor was grabbed by several gnoll gorgers, who began attempting to rip him apart and eat him. Oris, in an attempt to save his friend, fired two bolts from his holy hand crossbows, the bolts met and exploded, killing the gnolls and nearly killing Kor who fell into a deep coma and disappeared from the Abyss. His actions however wiped out half the gnolls, and saved Brom from direct blow from Nezrebe. The heroes were able to escape Nezrebe and that night they departed the Abyss, to reawaken in downtown Fallcrest…



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