Chapter 8

The party finally came to the Hadran Mountains, there they crossed (after an accident with Shadowmere Z saved their lives) and they came to the town of Winterhaven. In Winterhaven they were reunited briefly with Nykyr and learned that Fallcrest was the place to look for anyone who might know about slave shipments in the Nentir Vale, they set out for Fallcrest along with a family of four who needed to get to the city, but couldn’t risk traveling the road alone for fear of bandits. On the way to Fallcrest they were ambushed by a large raiding party of Gnolls, led by a Gnoll demon commander. Kat and Kor, as well as the family’s two children were captured, the father was slain by the Gnollic demon, and Mr. Bigg sacrificed his own life so that the others might escape. They arrived in Fallcrest, the rest of their journey uneventful, the woman they were with left to live with her sister’s family in the countryside surrounding the city proper. The heroes learned that a group of slaves had recently passed into the city, and had been given to a suspicious fellow, who took them off to the southwest, into the ogrefist hills. While in the city they were re-united with Oris, who had been reincarnated there, and had been working for the local Temple of Pelor. They aided Oris in stopping the plots of an evil noble, and then the band set off into the ogrefist hills after their quarry. They attacked at night, as the evil forces gathered their, (including several gnolls, a gnoll demon, a yuan-ti warpriest, several snaketongue cultists, an adult green dragon, and a fearsome drow blademaster) were performing a ritual to send their slaves (including Kat, Kor, the two children, Gelena, and a few others) to Yeenoghu’s realm. Roberts charged the blademaster, and with perfect form drove his lance at the drow’s chest. Without so much as blinking the warrior sidestepped the lance, drew his blades, and dove under Shadowmere, slashing her legs with his swords and bringing her down. Roberts was nearly crushed, but he was able to regain his feet and began a losing battle with the drow. Eventually Oris drew near, the blademaster spun toward him, kicking him in the chest. Oris slashed out with Pelor’s Light, but it looked as if he had clearly come up short. Just as the drow went to laugh in his face they both realized that Oris had been precisely on the mark, blood flowed freely from the surprised drow’s throat as he fell to the ground, gasping for breath. Also during the battle Excelsior vaulted the Gnoll Demon after stabbing it in the back, and Brom slew the Dragon, severing it’s head. Roberts and the others were unable to stop the ritual, and while they did save Kor, the others were sent to Yeenoghu’s realm where an unknown fate, and unimaginable tortures awaited them…



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