Chapter 5

The heroes arrived in Scion, the end of the line for the Executor, as it is the furthest northern reach of the Venetian Sea, and soon the party would be setting out over the Carahadarac Desert. They arrived late in the evening, much of their crew was already asleep. Z, Oris, and Brom elected to go into town however. They promptly made their way directly to the nearest tavern and sat down for a drink. There they met a man by the name of Tolg, he told them of a decent sum of cash he had lost in the sewer, and promised them compensation if they would be so kind as to retrieve it for him. As they had already had quite a bit of ale, it never occured to any of them to wonder why exactly Tolg would have been scrambling around down in the sewers, nonetheless down they went. After a bit of slogging they arrived in the location Tolg had described to them, before they could begin a proper search however, they were attacked. Several bandits lept out and assaulted them, after a tough fight however, the bandits surrendered, and while no one was looking, ran off into the night. Oris, Z, and Brom headed back to the tavern at that point, to have a little chat with Tolg. They arrived to find a scene of some commotion. Apparently there had been a bar fight, they learned from the innkeep that some woman had come in, talking to herself, and sat down next to Tolg. He apparently attempted to initiate conversation, and the lady attacked him. The bartender told them that the fight had carried out into the street and that he hadn’t seen either of the two since. The three of them proceeded outside to see if they could discern where the two had gone, at this point there was some suspicion that the woman they had heard of was in fact their friend Kat. After searching around a bit they found a faint trail of blood on the cobblestones, they followed the trail to a dark alley, against their better judgement, and Z’s protests, they proceeded. A few moments later they arrived at a dead end, before they could turn back however, Z, who had been at the rear was grabbed from behind by a giant hairy goblin, a bugbear as they are known, The brute slipped a garote around his neck and held him from behind. After an intense struggle, and with the aid of Oris and Brom, Z was able to break free just in time to avoid suffocation. Brom split the creature’s skull wide with his greatsword before they had a chance to question it, much to Oris’ dismay. However, it was at that moment that a cloaked figure bolted from the far corner of the alley and attempted to flee past the group. Brom stopped him abrubtly with a solid fist to the face. After some intense negotiations, during which Brom was introduced as the Dread Pirate in order the scare Tolg into talking, they discovered where Kat was being held and formulated a plan for her rescue. First they went to gather Roberts and Kor, whom they thought might provide invaluable assistance. Together they all set out for the warehouse that the Bloodghost Syndicate used for it’s hideout. They arrived and bullied Tolg into gaining access for the group. Inside Brom introduced himself as the infamous, Dread Pirate Roberts. The one in charge of the Bloodghosts was a large bugbear by the name of Rathos. There were far too many foes, and Kat in far too delicate a position for the party to even attempt a straightforward slash and smash approach, each of them realized that the present situation called for a bit more tact. Upon their entrance Rathos recognized two things, the name of the Dread Pirated Roberts, and also he recognized Kor, as Kor was wanted by several very rich and powerful criminal organizations of Telatium, not to mention the Telatium government itself. Rathos being found of gambling and a hater of fights set a bargain against the “Dread Pirate”, the two would play a game of Pirate’s Dice, and should Brom win he would recieve Kat’s freedom, however, if Rathos were to win, he would keep both Kat and Kor. As this was their only option Brom had no choice but to agree. However, Brom had also never played Pirate’s Dice in his life, luckily the real Dread Pirate was able to coach him through it covertly. In the end Brom won the game and Kat went free. On their way out they were confronted by a wizened looking Kobold who called himself Jarmaag Fireseer, in exchange for delivering a package to the founder of the Bloodghosts, Rathos’ mother, he pledged the allegiance of the Bloodghosts to their cause should he come to power (something he was planning meticulously) After that ordeal the heroes were rather eager to leave Scion behind them. They anchored their ship to a small island in the Venetian Sea, and set out north, toward Armweta…



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