Chapter 4

Determined to confront the mad sorcerer who was trying to kill one of their own, the heroes set off for Triware, just a half day’s travel to the East. When they arrived Kat promptly brought them to the entrance of Zero’s underground lair. They battle their way through some minor magicians and their fodder, and came at last to a large bridge, the only obstacle remaining between them and Zero himself. The battle across the bridge, killing the mages, and the zombie hordes that served them. Just as the battle was wrapping up and all the mages had been killed, Zero emerged. His powers were far too great for any of them to contend with. The small squad of soldiers that Lord Kelmin had lent them for the mission, led by Captain Jim, were blasted and tossed like ragdolls. In the end the fight boiled down to a battle of wills between Z and Zero. Z won out in the end, obliterating the man who had created him into nothingness. The heroes met up with Captain Jim, the only surviving one of Kelmin’s soldiers and returned to Belast. The moment they arrived they were met with urgent news. While they had been battling mages in Triware, a massive pirate fleet had invaded the Venetian Sea. The Pirates outnumbered the Thacien defenders by twenty-three, thirty pirate ships for the seven of those of the Thacien navy. The Executor being a warship our heroes were called upon to aid in the defense of the region. Immediately they set sail to the south. By the time they arrived, the battle was just beggining. Throughout the course of the fight, the Executor sank six enemy ships, Two with their ballista, two by ramming, one set ablaze by Z, and the other blown in half by the sheer power of Roberts’ piercing smite. After the fight they were formally thanked and congratulated by Admiral Desria of the Thacien navy. Having delayed long enough already, the heroes once again set off to the north, in search of their missing kinsmen.



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