Chapter 3

After their adventures on the island of Euist the adventurers set out to the north, in search of their kinsmen once again. They sailed the expanse of the Ocean, until they came to the Venetian Sea, the last great body of water south of the Carahadarac Desert. They docked at the small town of Starford, where they replenished their supplies and attempted to gain as much information about the region as possible. Thus they learned of a fierce battle being fought on the opposite shore of the Sea, less than two days to the east. Word had it that Lord Kelmin of Belast was engaged in pitched battle with a massive army of raiders. Never a group to skirt a fight the adventurers went immediately to the east. They arrived in Belast less than two days later, to find the city in a state of serious disrepair, burning rubble and bodies lined the streets, but the hardy people of this frontier town remained as well, they directed the adventurers to the main lines, and Kelmin’s headquarters. They met Lord Kelmin as he stood amongst his men on the front lines of battle, Kelmin and his beleaguered legion were happy for the arrival of fresh men. Before they could be properly introduced however, the battle was on in full. Several of Kelmin’s men fell, but not nearly as many as those the raiders lost. After that assault came a lull in the fighting, and Roberts discussed with Kelmin their plan for defending against the next offensive. They planned to put a massive flamethrowing weapon in the center of their line, to be used if it seemed they may be overrun. They soon returned to the line, Brom and Cailen maneuvering the devastating machine into position. Shortly after, the raiders attacked. They outnumbered the valiant defenders by more than three to one. The battle was a fierce one. Oris and Roberts led the defense on the left flank, each felling several foes. Kelmin stood tall with his men at the head of the center of their line. It appeared at that point that the battle was nearly won, when a sudden enemy assault threatened to overwhelm the right flank, it was Cailen and Brom’s quick reaction with the flamethrower that saved them all, obliterating the enemy attack…

After the battle the party met with Lord Kelmin, who thanked them for their noble and heroic actions. From him they learned of a nearby cavern, just south of Belast. It was rumored that within the cavern there was a rock pool, filled to the brim with glorious treasure. The adventurers, always in need of some funds to keep them going, decided to investigate. They sailed the Executor to the cavern entrance, but took a dinghy from there. They came through a narrow passage, and inside of the cavern they discovered a small lake, sitting in the middle of the lake was a tiny island, the location of the rumored treasure. Without hesitation they rowed out to the island. Mr. Bigg set about digging immediately, while everyone else kept a weather eye out for trouble. Before they had hardly begun a thick fog enveloped the cavern, and sounds of a chant could be heard on all sides… Suddenly! A horde of zombies came rushing up from the water. Our heroes dove into pitched battle, everyone fighting fiercely to protect Mr. Bigg. Finally the last undead fell, but they were hardly out of the woods. From through the fog came magical blasts, several of them striking the heroes. Roberts issued the order for a return fire, and whipped out his own crossbow. The battle raged for another few minutes, till all but the last wizard had fallen, and Mr. Bigg had just finished excavating the treasure. The heroes attacked the final remaining mage, bolts, arrows, daggers, and magic, flew at the villain. And none of them even made it to him. Again and again they attacked their foe, to no avail. And then came his retaliation. The mage began firing incredible bolts of energy at the heroes, sending each of them flying, knocking a few unconcious. Finally, not a single adventurer was left standing to fight, and the mage then teleported to the tiny islet. He approached them, and began his monologue detailing the futility of their efforts, and their imminent demise. Just as he gathered all his energy, for one, final blow…A sword suddenly erupted from his chest. The stunned wizard gasped as his energy dissapated into a harmless ball of light that quickly faded away, he slumped to the ground, dead. And there, standing over him was none other than Kat, the Doppleganger assassin. She subsequently explained how she had been employed by Zero, (Z’s creator, and how she had been tasked with killing Z, so that he would not disrupt the plans of her master. She also explained how this had been a trap, but she had decided at the last second that she liked the heroes much better than she liked Zero. She informed them of his lair underneath the city of Triware, to the east, and then went on to suggest that they simply blow up the town and let it collapse in on their foe. Roberts immediately took a liking to the, mildly unstable, assassin. However, the more magically savy, and less pragmatic, group members decided that even if they did blow up the town it wouldn’t even bother Zero. At that point Kat suggested that they blow up the town, just the same, and Roberts immediately knew that he and the assassin would get along just fine.



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