Chapter 2

The ship arrived in Candlemass port. There Kor and Cailen decided to go in search of a new crew and ship, while the others headed to the nearest tavern. The Dread Pirate was attacked by a Dwarf bountyhunter by the name of Garrett. The patrons of the bar, as well as many of the sailors in port came to the aid of the familiar dwarf. While the party tried to keep fatalities to a minimum, a few “civilians” were killed. Eventually the guards came along and escorted the group away. They were taken to Castle Gristone in the city of Garreck. They were soon pardoned however when Lady Drassaud learned of their prowess. She asked them to carry a package to the city of Corinth on the other side of the island, and have it delivered to her sister Lady Apheia. The party agreed and they were given ample supplies for the journey, as well as four mounts to speed them on their way. They met with Kor and Cailen before leaving, and Cailen warned that if they did not return within two tendays that he would leave Euist without them. After some debate the heroes decided that their best path would be to head over the mountain pass. They set off that night and covered many miles before daybreak, at which they broke their fast and then continued on throughout the day. They set up camp that night, but it was a restless night. The party was attacked by wolves, the wolves went after the horses, as well as the sleeping party members. Z fended off his attackers by the campfire, with the aid of Oris. The Dread Pirate held back several of the beasts. Brom was lept upon while mounting his horse, but he was able to flip the wolf off him and hurl it into a chasm. Eventually they drove the pack off, and elected not to give chase. The next day they were attacked during their journey by a pair of Hippogriffs. The beasts injured Oris, but were wounded themselves and driven off. The rest of that day was uneventful. The next day the party wandered into a seemingly abandoned village, and were ambushed by orcs. The Dread Pirate’s horse, Shadow-Mare, was wounded by the Orc chief, who was beheaded in splendid fashion by Roberts. The party managed to slay most of the beasts, though a few may have escaped. Oris found the villages surviving inhabitants hiding in one of the tents. Roberts gave them some weapons and told them to be on the lookout for any remaining orcs, and then the party was off. The next day they encountered a Frost Wyrm. The fearsome thing knocked Oris unconscious, and was later beheaded by the Dread Pirate, after a fierce fight with the rest of the party. During the course of the next day Oris and Brom lost their footing and nearly plummeted to their deaths, luckily however, the other two were able to save them. That same day the Hippogriffs returned, and the ensuing battle nearly cost Oris his life, the Hippogriffs were dispatched however, and the entire party survived. They arrived in Corinth the very next day…

After arriving in Corinth they delivered their package, as instructed, to Lady Apheia’s personal servant girl. They spent the next few minutes in the kitchen, awaiting the Lady’s response, that is until she came storming in, along with several armed guards, demanding that the party surrender their weapons and tell her their business there. After convincing her that they were not assassins, the Lady explained to them her dilemma. She and her sister had concocted a scheme to bring all of Euist under control of the city state of Carreck. Lady Apheia would marry the Baron of Corinth, then after she gained the people’s trust the Baron would be assassinated, and Apheia would surrender the city to her sister, Lady Drassaud. However, during her time in Corinth Apheia had fallen in love with the Baron, and come to see the evil of her sister. The package she had just received was in fact the warning that the assassination was about to take place. She enlisted the help of the party in stopping the assassin. The heroes headed up to the ballroom, after some time of careful observation they spotted the assassin, just as she was about to strike. They quickly gave chase, and just as it seemed she might get away, Brom dove and tackled the would be assassin to the ground. They took her to the interrogation room, and Brom and the Dread Pirate attempted to intimidate her, while their attempts to shake the assassin failed, they noted that she seemed rather unstable, the assassin told them that she had decided she liked them and spilled the beans on the plot, with which they were already familiar, however the assassin added that Lady Drassaud planned not only to kill the Baron, but later to have Apheia killed as well, so that she may rule the island alone. The party left the room to converse with Apheia, leaving her head guard, Bralani, to guard the prisoner. They explained her sister’s plan to Apheia, and then heard a crash, and a thud come from the interrogation room. They rushed back around the corner and into the room to find Bralani lying dazed on the floor, he pointed out which way the assassin had went and the heroes, along with Apeia went off in pursuit. They eventually reached a dead-end, while still having seen no sign of the assassin, they returned to the interrogation room to find Bralani missing, however upon closer inspection Oris discovered his body hidden in the corner, naked. Roberts consulted Z on that matter, and after some quick brainstorming the group came to the conclusion that the assassin had been a Doppleganger, or a shape-shifter. And had posed as Bralani to escape. They attempted to lock down the city, but their attempts proved futile as the Doppleganger could impersonate anyone she chose. The Party spoke with Lady Apheia and decided to return to Carreck and mount an attempt to dethrone her evil sister. They were all given Corinthian light shields as well as a handsome amount of gold as reward for their actions in foiling the assassination. They returned to the city of Carreck and decided upon a plan to infiltrate the castle and kill Lady Drassaud in her sleep. They left Z by the wall facing Loch Lauren, where Kor and Cailen waited with their new ship, The Executor. The others infiltrated the castle, and were doing a decent job of remaining undetected. They reached the Lady’s quarters unnoticed, and Oris, the stealthiest of the group, approached her sleeping form. He slashed down with his scythe, but scored only a glancing blow. She was able to gain her feet and sound the alarm. Immediately a contingent of guards came rushing into the room. Oris led the retreat, Roberts grabbed the Lady and followed, and Brom held off the guards long enough for the others to get going before making his own retreat. They signaled Z to blow up the wall (using some explosives they had bought before setting out for Corinth over the mountains.) They came running into the courtyard, and out the gaping hole in the wall. They went running full bore for the docks, arrows and guardsmen nipping at their heels. As they reached the dock they jumped one by one onto the ship, first Oris, Brom, then after a moment of indecision, Z, and finally the Dread Pirate Roberts made his run, he stopped at the end of the dock, tossing the Lady aboard. He then turned around, reached into his belt pouch, and drew out a strange looking object. He hurled it at the pursuing guards, and turned about to jump for the ship. The strange thing aimed straight and true at the face of his nearest pursuer, and as it flew through the air, the thing exploded, inches from the surprised guard’s face, the force of the blast obliterated the dock, along with those guards on it, and sent Roberts sailing through the air to land on the deck of his ship. And off they sailed, out into deeper waters. Later they stopped by a Corinthian outpost at the northern tip of the island, there they deposited a distraught Lady Drassaud, with orders for the men there to have her delivered to the city of Corinth with the utmost haste.



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