Chapter 15

War was brewing in Cavalonia. Luckily, the heroes, along with the Army of Bahamut, had a plan. They would repulse the invasion of Straad, and then launch an attack at Asmodeus directly, feet first into the nine hells.

Straad attacked from two avenues. The first was a land invasion in the south. Thousands of their troops, ranging from men to orcs to wargs, landed unnopposed on the beaches of south-western Cavalonia.

The Cavalonians planned to hold them at Worchester Pass, the only path out of the great valley they had landed in. The battle would be a desperate one, as the majority of the heroes army was composed of militia, with a complement of some four hundred Andarran rangers, about a hundred Cavaliers, almost a thousand men out of Westingshire, and a couple hundred medium cavalry. Their plan was just to hold the enemy within the valley until the main force of the Cavaliers could mobilize to crush them.

They had to hold, for should the enemy break out of the valley, then they would be free to roam across southern Cavalonia. They would undoubtedly disperse and wreak whatever havoc they could. It might take many years and thousands of innocent lives to finally be rid of them. And if they broke out with enough of their force remaining, the city of Westingshire was only a few miles beyond the pass.

After days of battle, and thousands of casualties on both sides (including the heroes complement of Andarran rangers) they were forced to fall back. But Roberts, who was commanding the battle from afar, had other ideas. Through a brilliant ruse, and with the aid of the full force of Westingshire, Straad’s army was crushed long before the Cavaliers arrived.

Meanwhile Roberts led, in person, one of the greatest naval battles Cavalonia had ever seen. They were outnumbered and outgunned by the forces of Straad, much as they had been in the south, but ultimately they were victorious, though it cost them nearly their entire navy.

In the end, victory was theirs, as was the offensive.



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