Chapter 13

Shortly after leaving the Avenger Academy the party and their airship came under attacked. They were ambushed by a raiding party of Githyanki air pirates. They won the fight, and pursued the githyanki back to a small base they had established in the mountains. Seeking vengeance they attacked.
…Meanwhile, Roberts had finally emerged from his coma, after reliving some of the worst moments of his life, namely the day that the voice in his mind took control, forcing him to murder his own wife and child. Roberts had won the battle of wills with the mysterious voice, and gained significant powers of mental will. He could project his will onto others, allowing him to be able to convince them of his opinions much more easily, and he had become immune to psionic attacks, such as those of the mindflayers he despised. He had learned, while in his comatose state, that his mind was a horcrux for the evil wizard Nagil. While he had finally silenced the wizard, and Nagil could no longer control or compel him, the foul caster’s soul remained within him.
Roberts and the Cavaliers of the outpost he was staying at had received word of a githyanki pirate base in the Great Rim, so they set out upon their griffin mounts to destroy it.
The two groups, the main party in the airship, and Roberts along with the Cavaliers, arrived at the pirate base at the same time. Their attacks coincided and the githyanki never stood a chance. After the battle they found some loot, and Roberts discovered a wyvern egg, which he kept to himself. The also managed to take one of the githyanki prisoner. The Cavalier captain wanted to execute the pirate, but Roberts turned on him and freed the prisoner. The party then fled on their airship, along with one of the small githyanki airships they had captured.
…Meanwhile…Oris was progressing through his Avenger training, though he was making no friends. Still, the difficulties were nothing if he could only appease his god. The day finally came when Oris graduated, and once again achieved the rank of Avenger of Pelor…



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