Chapter 10

They awoke in a small, and deserted, inn in the middle of the city of Fallcrest. Oris immediately set to work healing Kor, while Gelena went about making her famous pancakes. The day was dark and overcast, as it drug on they began to wonder at the absence of the city’s inhabitants. Dusk descended rapidly upon them, and as the sun went down they began to hear strange noises from down the street, accompanied by a horrible stench wafting up from the south. Roberts and Cailen went for a look outside and they found a zombie horde bearing down upon them. They returned to the inn and began constructing fortifications to hold them for the night. The ensuing battle was fierce as wave after wave of undead abominations crashed down upon them. Oris discovered that his crossbows no longer possessed Pelor’s Light, for Pelor had revoked their sanctity for their role in nearly killing Kor. Finally they realized that to remain in the inn would be the death (or undeath) of them. Cailen and Roberts led a daring charge into the open streets. From there they began hacking and hewing their way through the masses of undead, without any real direction. They finally arrived at the Keep to learn that the entire city was under attack by an army of undead, ranging from vampire lords to zombie drudges. At the head of this unholy army was a fearsome deathknight. After speaking with the Mayor, the party decided they would break free of the city, and send help once they reached the Army of Bahamut, which Nykyr had told them was gathering in Hammerfast. The Mayor bid them farewell and Gods’ speed. Roberts decided to forgo the formation of any strategy whatsoever. He and Cailen went charging from the gates of the keep slaughtering any foe who stepped in their way. While Cailen and the others began to make for the city gate, Roberts changed course, taking a beeline for the deathknight general. The General stepped out to fight him in single combat. After several moments of fierce combat, Roberts’ blade finally struck true. He skewered his foe through the heart, ramming his sword through to the hilt. The deathknight never even flinched, from that moment it was apparent Roberts was outmatched. His friends tried to make their way back to aid him, but they were cut off by the teeming hordes of undead. Just as it seemed the end was upon the intrepid Dread Pirate a form emerged from the enemy ranks, hacking, slashing and stabbing with abandon. It was none other than the fearsome Nykyr. He dove at the deathknight, and the two began a deadly dance of steel. “Run!” He shouted to Roberts and the others, who had just broken through. Reluctantly they turned on there heels and began to fight their way out. Once they had reached the relative safety of the gate they turned back to see what had become of their savior. They turned just in time to see the deathknight plunge his blade through their noble friend’s chest…



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