Oris of Wethrinshael

"Did you miss me?"


As the party was traveling through the streets of Sigil, they were attacked by mercenaries bearing the symbol of Shemeshka the Marauder.

Halfway into the battle, a figure leaped off of the roof of a nearby warehouse and charged straight into the fray. The large feline felled several enemies with the huge greatsword that he bore.

When the battle ended, the beast turned toward the party and said, “Did you miss me?” Only then did Davros recognize this Rakshasa as Oris, the Outcast of Pelor.

After his death during the Battle of the Shard, Oris awoke with a start in an infernal temple somewhere in the Nine Hells. He fought his way out through hordes of devils until he came to a large iron door. Throwing it open, he stepped through, right into the streets of Sigil.

Oris had no way of knowing how much time had passed since the Battle of the Shard, but he did learn of the outcome. He believed that all of his friends had died. He was lost, reborn into the world in the form of a Rakshasa, abandoned by his god. His life had no purpose.

So, he forged a new destiny for himself. He adopted the name Wethrinshael (the name of the academy of avengers to which he had belonged) and took to the streets. He decided to spend the rest of his days devoted to the impossible task of eradicating crime in Sigil.

For several months he worked with the Sons of Mercy to hunt down Ramander the Wise. When they finally found the warehouse that he was holed up in, Oris and three other Sons stormed it. When all was said and done, Oris was the only one who remained, and he had his eye on a new target, Shemeska the Marauder.

He was following several of her soldiers hoping that they would lead him back to her hide out, when he heard the sounds of battle…

Oris of Wethrinshael

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