Chapter 16

Before they went marching into Hell however, they had a bit of a reprieve. In recognition of their valorous acts, the King-Regent of Cavalonia gave to them a fiefdom. Roberts was declared Baron, Z was given a fully outfitted mage’s tower, Brom was inducted into the Cavaliers, and Cavalonia began to build them a marvelous new airship.

Oris and Excelsior went north to Eritrea, where Oris lived amongst the common-folk, tilling the land; and Excelsior journeyed forth into the Fang, to hone his skills.

Some moons later they were drawn back together at Roberts’ estate, as they had originally planned. Not much more than a tenday earlier Roberts had been on a hunt with the Duke of Westingshire when the two were attacked by drow assassins. Westingshire was killed, but somehow Roberts, and Roberts alone, had managed to survive.

During the feast the other heroes were finally able to discern that it was not Roberts at all, but in fact a doppleganger by the name of Bartimaeus. They interogated him and learned that Roberts had actually been captured by the drow, and taken off to the Underdark.

The last images Roberts had were of a mindflayer, beginning to works its tentacles into his skull…

He awoke some time later, at the behest of an angry looking drow, then again, all drow look rather upset. Roberts quickly identified this drow to be a blademaster, and then he further identified him to be the very blademaster who had helped him and his friends escape the city on their last jaunt through the deep underground.

The drow, Vantrag by name, helped Roberts to escape once more, this time coming with him. Vantrag even taught Roberts the secrets of two-bladed fighting.

They then travelled through Krios, to a port city, where they booked passage to Cavalonia.

Once again the party was united. Now they were ready for war.



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