Chapter 14

The party sent Kat, in the Debauchery, to collect Oris. On their way back they stopped at Xanthia and Oris completed his holy task.

The team was finally back together. They then assisted some Lycans in overthrowing their vampire overlords, and Excelsior gave the Lycans the power to decide their own fate. Following that adventure, and Z’s encounter (and joining) with Infinity, they decided to investigate the cause of Roberts’ coma.

Through his dream much of his past came back to him. He saw himself as a young man, stranded on a boat in the middle of a vast ocean, dying of thirst. He saw the woman he had once loved, and his child. He saw himself murder them ruthlessly.

He saw Nagil.

Nagil was a part of him, part of his mind. Nagil had put a piece of his soul within the Dread Pirate. Roberts was a horcrux. But he had defeated Nagil, supressing the fiend as he tried to take full possession. Though while Roberts was no longer bothered by Nagil’s presence in his head, that could not change the fact that he was still there.

The party set out to find some way to rid Roberts of his curse. What they found they had to do would be no easy task.

They had gone to the Army of Bahamut in search of answers, which is how they knew all that they did. There they met back up with Argos, who had gone off with some agents of the Army just after the initial attack on Fieldan. The Army of Bahamut, with Nykyr’s help, had discovered clues leading them to believe that Asmodeus was responsible for the mounting evil throughout Akaron. As such the decision had been made to travel to Cavalonia (birthplace of the Army of Bahamut) and their oppose the Empire of Straad, Asmodues’ earthly kingdom, which was preparing invasion.

The party decided that they would depart for Cavalonia aboard their warship, just after they collected the basilisk’s blood that they would need to destroy the horcrux of Nagil. Argos decided to go with them.

They killed a basilisk, and collected its blood, then sailed to the Wastes of Brimstone where they captured a pheonix. Using the combination of basilisk’s blood and pheonix tears that Z was able to concoct, they destroyed the horcrux within Roberts’ mind, and set off for Cavalonia.



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