Chapter 12

The party ascended through the Underdark, taking the only passage they could find. Eventually they emerged in a small valley, still far above the Nentir Vale or the Lands of Dawn, right in the middle of the Dawnforge mountains. Roberts mysteriously slipped deeply into a feverish coma as they emerged from the caves. In the valley they found a Cavalier outpost, and strangely enough a wooden sailing ship. The cavaliers said that it had been part of a project to put a cavalonian fleet into the Lake Nen by attaching a balloon filled with hot air to the ship and flying it over. The plan had failed however, and the ship had crash landed in the valley. Cavalonia had abandoned the project, but established a small outpost at the crash site to keep an eye on the mountain range and the Nentir Vale. The cavaliers offered to let the heroes take the airship if they could repair it, and offered to let Roberts (who was in no condition for travel) remain with them. Excelsior used a ritual to repair the airship, and they set off in that, using Z’s magical fire to keep them aloft. By midday the next day they were somewhere in the Great Rim. They were running low on provisions, and so they set down in a valley to hunt and forage for food. While they were at camp in the valley Brom discovered a mysterious path, which he followed to a mysterious shack. As he approached the hut a voice beckoned from within, he entered and found a small old woman inside. Somehow the man knew his name, and he knew of the Sword that Brom carried. He told Brom that he had to seek out Davros the Elder, deep within the Wastes of Brimstone, and train under him before he would be able to wield the true power of the Sword of the Grey and defeat the evil that threatened the world. Brom returned and told his companions of what he had seen and heard. The very next day the party set out south, to the Wastes. They encountered a thunderstorm along the way and nearly crashed, but thankfully they were able to pull up just in time. The flight through the Wastes was harrowing and dangerous, but through their skill and sheer luck they were able to survive. They came to Davros’ hut, and Brom went forth to gain admittance. Davros was a potbellied old drunkard and he rejected Brom at first, until he smelled the borovian whiskey in the flask Oris had given to the young warrior. Davros turned out to be much more than he had at first seemed, and Brom learned much. Above all Brom learned the value of his companions, and Davros taught him that a warrior’s true strength came from his comrades.
The party then left the Wastes and Davros behind, heading north once more for Oris had experienced a vision from Pelor himself. In the vision Oris saw a town that was riddled with strife, evil, and corruption. Pelor told him that to regain his Avenger status he needed cleanse the town of its evil. But before he could do that he had to travel to the Avenger Academy in the mountains of the Great Rim, just south of Nerath, and relearn what it meant to be and Avenger of Pelor. The party set off from the Wastes of Brimstone to aid Oris in his quest. On their way north Kat taught him the art of the assassin, a valuable skill for an avenger. One useful skill she taught him was the ability to cast himself off nearly any height, and land without harm. Kat and Oris grew to be good friends throughout his training. Finally they came to the Avenger Academy. Oris elected to remain there for a time, while the others went off without him, promising to return…



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