Chapter 11

Nykyr gazed down at the blade protruding from his chest, his stony expression slowly shifting to a skull-like grin. He slashed his scimitar to the inside in a high arc, as he clasped his foe’s weapon arm with his left hand. He blade flashed through the air, severing the deathknight’s arm. He continued his arcing motion, bringing his blade around to sever the thing’s head from it’s shoulders. He yanked the sword from his own bosom, and set off for the gate, just behind Roberts and the rest of his friends…
Together they all escaped Fallcrest, and met up with the Army of Bahamut in Hammerfast. There they learned of a massive invasion being planned by the Empire of Straad against the nation of Cavalonia. Nykyr, as well as the commanders of the Army of Bahamut were convinced that Asmodeus was behind the increasing evil throughout Akaron, so the plan was to go to Cavalonia to aid against Straad, and then on to the Nine Hells to stop Asmodeus once and for all. The party learned a bit more of Brom’s prophecy. They were to climb to the top of Mount Thunderspire and retrieve a mighty sword, the blade that Brom was to wield to defeat a legendary evil.
They all, minus Nykyr, traveled to Thunderspire and ascended the great mountain. At the top they battled a gargantuan spirit dragon, and Brom claimed the fabled Sword of the Grey. They then returned to the Army of Bahamut, and decided that they would take the road through the Underdark, beneath the Dawnforge Mountains, in order to reach Cavalonia as quickly as possible. They were ambushed in the darkness of the caverns, by a party of drow, who imprisoned them within their vile city. The heroes made an escape attempt. They were discovered in the armory however, and hordes of drow came pouring in. The situation seemed dire, when one of the drow blademasters suddenly turned on his own. He helped the party to defeat the other drow and then aided them in escaping the city. Roberts recognized him as the drow whom he had spared during the fight in the bowels of Yeenoghu’s fortress. The drow said that he wished he could accompany them, but he had to return and see that there would be no pursuit…



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